LIBERTY blog is online-phase 1 of LIBERTY magazine, a modern and contemporary periodical covering social and cultural issues from across the Middle East, and the role of Britain in the new face of Middle East. LIBERTY magazine will be the first publication of Liberty Media Productions ( http://www.libertymediaproductions.co.uk ) published on a quarterly basis on-line and in print and distributed in Leicester, London, UAE, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, and California.

LIBERTY blog is a window into the changing face of the Middle East post Arab Spring. It aims to lift the veil of Arabia and focuses on the shared grounds between British and Middle East culture. The blog will concentrate on the birth of contemporary trends of art, culture, societal topics, education etc. and the stories of individuals who strive to make a difference which resulted from the political renaissance in the Middle East. LIBERTY blog promotes inter-faith, anti-sectarianism, equality, cultural cohesion, and religious tolerance, freedom of speech and human rights which shape the very essence of democratic civil society that Middle East aspires for. Contributors come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have a thorough understanding of what makes Middle East region unique. LIBERTY blog gives readers a sumptuous digest of news, commentary and insight. It is also an excellent source of information for anyone who would like to deepen his or her knowledge of Middle Eastern culture. LIBERTY blog will also feature stories on food, literature and check out products from the region. The emphasis is to blend cultural/historic issues, with human interest to offer a sampling of stories that are often not covered in the news.

Follow the link to the feature in November 2013 Chamber of Commerce News on LIBERTY magazine (p.6) http://www.chamberofcommerce.co.uk/DbFiles/file4257.pdf



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