Lebanon’s calling; Le Comptoir Libanais
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Time Out London has raved about this cafe since it first opened, and in a break from the usual Orientalist approach to marketing Middle East cuisine, Le Comptoir Libanais, meaning Lebanese counter has succeeded in combining bold interior design, with a café that condenses the very best of North African and Levantine cuisine with a European twist. Hot and cold mezze of hummus covered in pomegranate seeds, tabbouleh and kibbeh are served, along with North African favourites such as tagines of chicken or aubergines.  For simple snacks there are falafel and chicken wraps, all served with salad.

Owner Tony Kitous, who originally comes from Algeria, says he wanted to revolutionize Middle Eastern food and “make it accessible to the high street”. Le Comptoir has proven its success due to its reasonable prices and its attention to offering simple and healthy food. Even high-end Parisian treats such as macarons are given a Middle East makeover with rose water and served with mint tea. What’s more, you can purchase gifts such as Turkish delight, olive oil, jams and pomegranate paste.

There are several locations across London, including South Kensington and their first outlet at Westfield shopping centre. You can find out more on their website: http://www.lecomptoir.co.uk.


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